Commissions (update 1/17/2014)

    by SuperTuffPinkPuff

    Hey all! Because I really want some money for a few reasons I am going to be charging only 5 USD for images like this of your characters! (this is a gif! )

    Or a bio image with two extra doodles on the side!

    ONLY 5$!!

    I take only paypal and USD! Note me for payment info!!

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    I made Christmas Cards for my friends cause I’m a poor artist LOL! 

    We are all League of Legends players, we play every day. I know I do LMAO! I’m so hook on that damn game, I love it. :)  

    Oh man, watch this. Thanks for showing me Mike. I really like it. 


    Drawing more chibis :3 The first one is of my OC Ivy and my love is Gaz <3 <3 

    Than Ama for my lovely friend <3 

    $10 Christmas Chibi commission 5/5 slots by EvyCrystal on deviantART